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Monday, August 30, 2010


It gives me great pleasure to introduce to you one of my beautiful diamonds - Lulekwa Sbukwana.  She is 31 years old and I met her at a Biodanza class.  During our I-nspire Self Leadership Coaching process, her gift of expressing herself creatively through writing began tickling gently at the edge of her consciousness, it then proceeded to awaken rapidly and then knocked loudly on the door and said "Let me in now - I am ready for you to bring me into the world!".  So, when she sent through this piece called "Invisible,"  I felt inspired to share her message with you, my community. 

As I was penning this letter, I heard in my head a voice that said, “Hey I’m here - I am not Invisible.” Wow!! that voice shattered me today.

I was having lunch with my colleagues playing the invisibility game, saying the right things and laughing at who knows what, when the voice said “Hey I’m here, I’m not invisible, why are you trying to make yourself invisible?”

I turned around in shock wondering if anybody else had heard it. That voice woke me up and shook me and shook me again. My answer was “I don’t want to be invisible.” Never again will I sit there with my thoughts, ideas and greatness, wearing the cloak of invisibility, hoping that I will disappear or die a quiet death. Yes I lift my veil up and I say Molo, “I see me - I see you”.

And this is just me saying to you “Hey, I’m here, I’m alive … do you see me?"

Hey I’m here I’m not invisible, is that voice that wants to talk for herself, no longer content in others speaking for her. Hey I’m here, I’m not invisible is that voice that refuses to sit in a quiet corner somewhere trying to muffle the sound of her breathing.

She says "I’m here, I’m now, and I want you to see I’m talented, I want you to see my art, I want you to see my great heart, I want you to see I stand for something."

Hey, I’m here, I’m not invisible, she is the voice that knows, she has poise, she is commanding and carries strength, she is the voice that won’t let anything stand in her way, she is the voice of knowing. She is her own unique voice and she is her commanding self, with stature and confidence, saying “all of you listen up!” She is assertive, her walk unmistakable, she will not walk in a room without you stopping dead in your tracks to admire her presence, she is unshakeable in the ground that stands within her. She is full of grace and self respect, you can't help but be in awe. She is self assured, she is tall, wide and deep, she is. She is the brethren that are dark velvety with blue hues - that when they mention a blue black colour, she is that, she is that smoothness and mystery combined. She is that force that spills out in multitudes, into the ground, right into the heart and soul of man.She is my ideas, she says "speak, your ideas are not stupid, they are good. Speak my child - this peace will not be held by your silence or through silence". She says "show them what you are capable of. Come on, do it … you have nothing to fear in being Great, you have nothing to fear in being who you are, come out and share your writing talent, share your thoughts, share your laughter, share your fear - you are here in the world."  No longer will you allow yourself to be shut up and put in a corner. Your needs will be heard and you shall make your heart visible. You shall make yourself visible, no longer will you wait.  Show it now!

I hope that this piece has touched you in the same way that it touched me and inspires you to put finger to keys or pen to paper or to speak up and express yourself when an event or incident arises where you previously may have remained silent!

Jacque A

Friday, August 27, 2010

Express Yourself

Well...eventually the website that I have been talking about, dreaming about, planning for, threatening to create and been working on, in some way shape or form, for what feels like a million moons is ready to be birthed. Not only am I so excited to have created a home for my bubbles of creativity and joy that will be coming into form soon, but more importantly for me it feels like I have been constructing a home.

For me this is a place to reconnect again with those of you I have connected with in years gone by, an opportunity to invite those evolving with me right now to contribute and express your newly emerging selves and finally a space to warmly welcome and encourage anyone who might very well never have even met me before.

To check out my website you can go to: you are interested in Self Leadership, Self Expression or NLP and feel the urge to visit and experience this space, return here whenever you feel called to:

• ask a question
• seek inspiration or wisdom
• share a story, insight or inspiration with others
• keep our inspiring community up to date on your progress
• share what the excellence inside of you looks like, sounds like and feels like
• tell us what is working for you and what is not

This truly feels like a new beginning and as I reflect on my innumerable learnings over the last two years and I count my many blessings as I start running out of fingers I feel a poem coming on.

Blank canvas, empty space, wide open, possibility
Then hesitation, doubt, frightened, anxiety
Not good enough - I hear my inner judge criticizing me,
And I whisper to him - stop hindering just let me be
And I listen for the wisdom and the truth comes quietly

Only inspired action will truly set you free!

The past few years have certainly taught me significant lessons in letting go, finding faith, slowing down, trusting myself and cultivating the patience to wait for diving timing to arrive. My deepest sense now however, is that the time has come for us to celebrate inspired action. The time to connect with ourselves is now! The time to dance with inspiration is now! The time to live an inspired life is now!! The time to claim our joy is now! 

To read my September Inspiration - In love with Language you can go to:

Don’t wait one moment longer. The time to act from inspiration is here!