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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

About Inspirational Self Leadership

Are you a diamond in the rough or a shiny star needing support to help you shine?

All leadership begins with self leadership. Until one takes responsibility for becoming a leader of self, effective leadership of others is impossible. While Self Leadership may be quite simple, it certainly is not easy and requires willingness and commitment on the part of each individual to undertake what may be a tremendous journey of personal growth, development, transformation and inspiration.

Do you often feel...?

 Frustrated that you are not living up to your full potential
 Trapped by the expectations and demands of others
 Scared to say what is really on your mind and in your heart

One’s authentic self can often be hidden beneath layers of unresolved emotions and limiting subconscious thought patterns that run our behaviour without much awareness of how this is happening. The internal feelings that arise when a poor self relationship exists include a sense of disconnection, loneliness, inner emptiness or void, fear, internal anxiety / chaos, inadequacy, poor confidence levels and inner conflict to name a few. Some of the externally visible effects of the absence of relationship with self may manifest as health challenges, exhaustion, overwhelm, poor concentration, inability to relax, sleep or express personal needs and ultimately an inability to achieve desired results.

Do you ever ask yourself....?

 Why do people not hear me or see my potential
 Why can't I say what I really feel and think   What do I need to do to be able to fully express who I really am
 How can I make some life enhancing changes?

There will always be forces in our lives that will trigger or destabilize us – whether in our external environment or within our own internal energy fields. If you find yourself experiencing the same problems and challenges over and over again or repeating the same un-resourceful responses, this is a red flag to a limiting or disempowering pattern that may exist within you. When there is an imbalance in the system, these symptoms may first present themselves as a gentle whisper, but left unattended without reflection and redress – they will eventually become a noisy roar. By that time, you may already be in crisis mode.

Are you ready to.....?

 Release what is keeping you stuck
 Reconnect with your authentic self
 Individuate your decision making process
 Create your life as an expression of who you really are
 Find your voice

Once you are aware of a recurring pattern, experience or uncomfortable feeling and take ownership of this as a personal creation, this in actual fact represents an opportunity to deepen your relationship with yourself, release emotional baggage, get clear about what is important to you and what you really want, to establish which qualities you want to cultivate along the way, and to demonstrate self leadership through making some empowering decisions and choices.

“Inspired Self Leadership is the key that unlocks
doorways on the path to True Freedom.” Jacque A

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Remember to act from Inspiration!
Warmest Regards
Jacque A


  1. Beautiful Jacque, You say: "Express yourself - let the world see and hear you."
    My question is, how do we express ourselves and reveal ourselves in a way that is dignified and, very importantly, authentic?

  2. Good morning, Beatiful Antoinette and thank you for your deep question. To express ourselves authentically - firstly we need to know and understand ourselves deeply and intimately - without denial, masks and internal defences - this requires ruthless self honesty. Some of the revealing questions we can ask ourselves are:

    What is most important to me?
    What drives or motivates me?
    What am I really passionate about?
    What do I really believe in and why?
    What do I stand for and what won't I stand for?

    Then we also need to understand what gets in the way of our authentic expression? One could ask questions here like:

    What am I most afraid of?
    What stops me from expressing what I really think and feel?
    How do I get in the way of me being who I really am?
    What do I need to release to show the world the real me?
    What do I need to cultivate to show the world the real me? These are just a few questions for reflection.... to start with.

    The journey to authentic expression is one of self exploration and personal transformation, which requires patience, tolerance and gentleness with self and others, courage and a willingness to be honest with oneself. Love Jacque