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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

The Kings's Speech - Find Your Voice

According to a recent review in the Sunday Times, by Barry Ronge the movie "The King's Speech - With its 12 Oscar nominations, is an elegant and engrossing royal drama which is clearly the film to beat."
SUPERB ENSEMBLE: Colin Firth as King George VI, with Helena Bonham Carter as Queen Elizabeth and Geoffrey Rush, left, as Lionel Logue in The King's Speech

I heard rave reviews from some Facebook friends and received several recommendations, and tonight as I watched this movie, I knew exactly why I, as a Self Leadership and Self Expression Coach was attracted to this specific movie, amongst all the movies showing.  I also knew why I had felt called to make time to see it during a week in which there seems to have been little or no time available at all.

As I watched the movie, I noticed the core message of the movie was about Self Expression ....and on my return home, after tucking my kids in to bed and kissing them good night....I felt inspired to share a few key thoughts with you, about this specific theme.

For me personally, "The Kings Speech" is a universal metaphor for anyone wanting to find their voice and in that journey ultimately discovering and reclaiming themselves and expressing who they really are.  Some highlights include:

Overcoming Past Conditioning
  • Recognizing how childhood corrections and conditioning embed tremendous internal fear and often shape us out of who we really are
  • Deciding to no longer live according to a father's expectations or in a brother's shadow
  • Willingness to accept and express difficult or negative emotions which are normally "frowned upon " including anger, frustration, despair, inadequacy, vulnerability
Strength,  Resillience & Humility
  • Building the physical body through a rigorous process to be strong enough to endure and overcome any challenges - through a series of mechanical exercises including breathing, relaxation and a strengthening of the diaphragm - the part of the body responsible for breath and voice
  • The willingness to work hard - self expression is a journey not a once off intervention.  The journey requires patience, perserverance, persistence, determination and inner strength
  • Sometimes one has to bury one's pride, to ask for forgiveness or to ask for what is really needed
Supportive Relationships & Acceptance
  • There are some professionals that can support and help purely because of their approach, their experience, their charachter and their way of being in the world.  It is important to recognize them for who they are, when they come along.
  • Equality and Respect - pedestals, status and positions of power can often lead to feelings of isolation, alientation and desparation - no one can get close enough to help
  • Acceptance and being surrounded by loving and encouraging support are essential on the self expression journey - those who criticize, doubt, undermine or manipulate are not helpful or necessary  
If you are trying to find your voice or would like to start the journey, I trust that you will find these key themes useful and do yourself a favour - go see this film.  If you would like some encouragement and support on the journey towards Self Expression...please do not hesitate to subscribe to our free monthly newsletter Inspirations or e-mail me on

Until the next Inspiration!

Take care of you.

Jacque A

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