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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

The Butterfly and the Crystal

This weekend I attended what was probably one of the most beautiful and romantic weddings that I have ever been to in my life.  The setting - the Vette Mossel, a beach restaurant, in Mosselbay, the time of day -sunset, the weather - perfectly delivered by the gods, the bride - an exquisite goddess and my best friend in the whole wide world - could not have looked more beautiful.

During the festivities I was given the honour of sharing a piece of writing I composed for the occasion which I have called The Butterfly and The Crystal.  While I created this for this specific couple...the sentiments are as applicable for any two people who have decided to share their lives.  This is my dream of people living together in I-nspired Love:

As I gaze out into the open yonder, and I let my eyes wander to the far distant horizon
on the cusp of the eternal ocean blue, where the heavens meet the seas and
where the seas cascade over the edge of the earth, I dreamed a dream

It is a dream of two special souls coming together
in a union of the unique lights that they both are

An angel descended from heaven in the form of a butterfly bride,  flapped her gossamer wings and touched the lives and hearts of me and mine and of so many others when she landed in our worlds,

We played, we explored, we pollinated many flowers
and we blew seeds of joy and hope into the open fields of endless possibilities

Then one day, after fluttering and flying freely for many moons and suns, she landed on one specific crystal groom which she had visited with...a few times....for a while

This crystal amongst all the gifts the world had to offer was the one special one, that always kept calling her back. The crystal, was the one rock that was strong, protective, kind, caring and wise, a force of nature that she knew would always be there for her.

One gloriously, beautifully, perfect day the butterfly and the crystal came together in a sacred ceremony during which they made a promise to each other: -

To unite in a cosmic dance, an exchange of the heart that would bring both the butterfly and the crystal enrichment, expansion, nourishment and love.  To always treat each other with the kindness and gentleness that allows tender and vulnerable open – hearts, to be ever present. To breathe life into each other’s hopes and dreams and those they dream together and to encourage each other towards a life of happiness, fulfilment, adventure and joy

To build a warm and safe cocoon for their union together that inspires harmony, connectedness and peace.  To grow together in prosperity and abundance, so that there is always enough of what they need to nurture and grow any seeds they plant to full potential.

And as I dream this dream for two people that I love and care for so dearly and watch it coming to pass, my heart is overwhelmed by the joy and the love that I feel.

To the beautiful butterfly bride and her crystal groom –
May your union overflow with blessings
With All My Love
Jacque A

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